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Annual Scholarship
            The Propeller Club provides one or more scholarships to graduating Brevard County High School seniors pursuing further education in the Maritime industry.  Click here for more information.

Support to Canaveral Port Authority Education programs
            Propeller Club members partner with the Canaveral Port Authority in supporting education programs.

Rockledge High School Maritime Studies Program
            The Propeller Club supports the Rockledge High School HELM Maritime Studies program by coordinationg field trips, career shadow opportunities, classroom speakers and financial assistance. The program uses the State of Florida approved High School Maritime Studies curriculum.

Maritime Occupational Training and Job Opportunities
            The Propeller Club of Port Canaveral works with CareerSource Brevard to identify maritime professions for which funds can be made available for training and obtaining U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine documents such as the MMD and TWIC.  The club engages with companies providing maritime training courses and supports maritime training initiatives in Brevard county.  We spread the word about maritime industry education and employment opportunities for graduated High School students to obtain entry level unlicensed employment in the industry, as well as for re-training opportunities for individuals looking to make a career change.  The industry provides well paying jobs and there is a need for new personnel!

A Florida Maritime Academy in Brevard County
            This ambitious idea has been promoted by several of our Propeller Club of Port Canaveral members who have engaged with local colleges, the Port Authority and the county to promote the establishment of a four year maritime college for the State of Florida. It makes perfect sense for Florida to have a state Maritime Academy and to have it located right here in Brevard County.

            Why a Florida Maritime Academy?

  • Florida is home to over ten deepwater ports, the three busiest cruise ship ports in the world, and substantial miles of navigable waterways and rivers.
  • Currently, Florida High School students desiring a maritime education have to  attend one of the state maritime academies in California, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, and Texas or the federal U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in New York.  Some of the state schools are offering in-state tuition to Florida students.  Imagine how many students from those states would rather be attending a maritime academy in Florida!  Since Florida is also an international hub, students from all over the Americas and around the world could be potential students as well.
  • Florida is home to a large amount of Merchant Mariners serving aboard U.S. flag merchant vessels, including many who work in the energy sector of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as on inland rivers across the country, and on deep sea vessels. 
  • Florida is home to many maritime-related companies and industries from cruise lines to ship-building companies that construct tugboats for harbors and rivers all over the U.S.
  • There is currently a shortage of entry level merchant marine officers to man our nation's merchant vessels.

Why Brevard County as the location for an Academy?

  • Brevard County is centrally located in the state, has a major deepwater port at Port Canaveral, and is served by two international airports.
  • Brevard County is home to several state universities that could provide a home for a Florida Maritime Academy.
  • The establishment of a maritime academy in Brevard County would bring economic benefits.
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